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<<  The Crack-Tracks (2015) - fixed media

The Crack-Tracks project is based on the compilation of electroacoustic miniatures mostly composed in between the time of larger compositions. In that sense, all the pieces are spanned with matters that originates from other projects, including mixed music compositions (e.g Closer/closer derived from the piece Twice an End for flute, guitar & live-computer) and sound-installations (e.g 12.12.12, derived from the teaser of the Ceci n'est pas un concert sound installation). Thus, replaced in a new formal context, the drifting entites can assume new formal functions and live beyond their very first apparition. Besides, among other compositional considerations, creating meta-links might become a priviledged mean to convey both aesthetical feelings and stylistic statements.

On a technical level, within the cycle appears more or less obviously, more or less subtly, a fluttering matter made of trills and tremoli-like figures, featured whether through harmonic or noisy sounds. Beyond this sonic fil d’Ariane, the musical presence of each piece is very singular, and should allow a grouped listening as well as an autonomous one.

Crack-Tracks is made of :  I. O Means   II. Mean Side   III. 12.12.12   IV. Delayed Causes   V. Close-Closer

The piece was premiered on December 19-2015, Boules de Noyse Festival, Reims (Fr)

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