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<<  Le Surgissement du Réel (2018) - music for dance

Le Surgissement du Réel operates as a tank full of images which either get drawn slowly or suddenly irrupt. Hence two speeds, two dances, two musics place on top of each other, despising or considering, surprising or comforting, criticising or admiring reciprocally. Departing from scratch, at least almost nothing, from discrete presences and fortunes multiplicity fades in. Movement develops through knots and flats, curves and meanders. A wavy gesture incites the aerial and fantasized body langage that keeps on spreading fluidly.

Though, this seeming obviousness will turn out to be as welcoming as deceiving : what finally come out is jolts, nonsense miscellanies, mere instances of good shapes yet harsh realities.

Le Surgissement du Réel was conceived by the French choregraher Samir El Yamni, in coproduction with Babel Danse company, CG13 and Théâtre des Argonautes, Marseille. It was premiered at Les Argonautes, February 8, 9, 10, 11-2018, Marseille (Fr).

le surgissement du réel , samir elyamni

Samir El Yamni & Elisabetta Guttoso

LSDR cover ©C. Deren

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