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Dear Roland,


(...) I hope you won't be too bothered that I didn't use the eponym title 'Sides of the country', as you suggested me 😥 Nonetheless, the atmosphere is still spooky, strange, "crooked"... I don't have much of an explanation for where the words came from except that my first ideas listening to the song were the melody and lyrics for the "chorus" (for me, the B section) "I can't help you erase yourself, too." I liked this chorus a lot for its simplicity, so I built the words around it. The lyrics are a bit surreal, as you'll see, but they have something to do with female identity and sense of self being erased.  


There's a reference to a line from the linguist Noam Chomsky. The line is "colorless green ideas sleep furiously." He used it as an example of a sentence that is syntactically correct but semantically nonsensical. However, a number of poets rose to the challenge of proving that, in context, it is not nonsensical at all. One of the poems provides a context in which "colorless green ideas" are seeds, underground, before blooming into plants - I was thinking of this poem and the question of "accidental sense" when I used the line in the song. If you want to read more about it : 




As for titles, sometimes I have a clear sense of what the title should be, but here it's not the case.  



What Is A Little Girl?

Erase Yourself, Too


The Rose 

A Colorless Green Idea 


Let me know your questions/thoughts. I will send you the individual tracks if you want. With my husband Andrew, I played with some vocal effects. What do you think? 





Nicolas Jacquot - midi keyboard, electronics, arrangement & mixing
Rita Görözdi - voice, recorder

PV001 ℗ + © Paravision music, Nicolas Jacquot / Marseille, 2020

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