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<<  Twice An End (2012) - for flute, guitar & live-computer

Although some of my previous works had already integrated hypertextual concerns, TWICE AN END largely proceeds from it. Thus, what is understated through the title’s formal allusion is that, against my will, I had to abandon some vigorous material supposed to structure the last section of a previous work for guitar & live-computer (O Latitudes). Though, during the year 2012, an opportunity to write a new piece for flute, guitar & live-computer happened and I figured this was the perfect occasion to achieve the original project, i.e both symbolically and technically, making the most of this final expressive "movement". This is probaly why the piece mostly renders a guitar lead chamber duet ...

The piece was premiered by Katrin Zenz (flute) and Botsis Angelos (guitar) on September 16-2014, Onassis Center, Athens (Gr)

It was finalist of the first International Composition Competition of Shangai, EMW Festival, October 2013, Shangai (Cn)


Nicolas Jacquot_Twice an End
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