The Notes Sur La Nuit cycle is made of five mixed music pieces (i.e mixing acoustic instruments and live-electronics) that comes one after another without any interruption but changes in the instrumental combinations of a saxophone, piano and percussion trio. Through its constant interaction, ranging from the most notable to the most concealed, the electronic part remains like a fil d'Ariane, the media through which the Notes Sur La Nuit may emerge or retract.

The project took its inspiration from the nocturnal world within its reinterpreted temporality as well as its possible sensed experience. Spanned by several axis of signification, especially symbolic and universal ones, the cycle develops an anthropological model looking to human by essence, and transcendence by necessity. Thus Blackness, Telluricity, Erotism, Animality or even Latency emerge, featured as characters likely to meet each other while playing a part that was carefully sketched for them. Though, as figures of a singular night, the one of the artist, there is little chance for the listener to meet them. Unless, through avatars that it would be vain to describe.



The cycle consists in the following compositions :



1. Sur La Nuit - for piano & live-computer - 7' ca / 2014


2. Notes Sur La Nuit - for tenor saxophone, piano, percussion & live-computer - 7' ca


3. Nuit Franche - for piano, percussion & live-computer - 5' ca / 2019


4. Nuit Sur La Nuit - for percussion & live-computer - 17' ca


5. Une Autre Nuit - for alto saxophone & live-computer - 11' ca / 2015