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<<  Sur La Nuit (2014) - for piano & live-computer

Sur La Nuit is the introductive piece of the Notes Sur La Nuit cycle. The one through which we should enter to prepare our intrusion in the nocturnal scenario. However, each piece has been devised to be performed independently, raising its own complex of tensions and listening norms. Whereas the coexistence and articulation of really distinct materials is a compositional issue that spreads through the entire cycle, each piece is also to honor one of the transcendental dimensions at stake. Thus, we step in through the Blackness of the night, a base for different beats : more or less obvious, but always embodied.

The piece is dedicated to the french pianist Véronique Ngo Sach-Hien and was premiered on June 20-2014, Les Bains Douches, Montbéliard (Fr).

Sur La Nuit won the First Prize of the Edvard Grieg international composition competition in Oslo (Nr), April 2015.

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