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<<  THicK (2011) - for organ

THicK was issued from a collaboration between the organ department of the conservatory of Montbéliard, directed by Laurent Agazzi, and the composition department, directed by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi. Considering some specific organistic possibilities, both concepts of depth and thickness came rapidly to my mind while I was conceiving the piece. Three main materials generate three different tensed moments reappearing throughout the piece :

° an articulated harmonic progression showing whether through piled or filtered ways.

° a melodic line played in the very high register of the organ

° a brutal motivic material suddenly bursting in the last section 

The mood as the formal organisation of the piece were directly inspired by the movie 21 Palms by the french director Bruno Dumont. The gradual overwhelming tension finds its liberation in a terrible, violent and (almost) unpredictable way ...

The piece was premiered by Aline Chapuis on June 16-2011, Église Saint Maimbœuf, Montbéliard (Fr).


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