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<<  South By West (2019) - for piano 4 hands

I thought out the impelling theme of identity through the slightly less polysemous and more ductile idea of trajectory, of life growing-up when it seems to rather proceed from and towards clear, identified, tendencies and directions. Contrastively, I also imagined two non-teleological periods, two types of mood and activities, which might avoid any rational reception by suspending our spontaneous attraction for expectation and guidance. These two stasis found their expressions in paradoxical arrangements : one relies on a caricatural random frenzy while the latter features a slow down contemplative mindstate which continues and achieves the piece. Besides, in every stages I scattered more or less explicit distorsions and impurities so as to spur and entertain the listeners' listening as acute fantasy.

South By West was commissioned by duo Jost-Costa within the Transmusica project. The piece is dedicated to Yseult Jost and Domingos Costa.

It was premiered by the dedicatees in Venice (It) on March 9, 2019.

South By west, Nicolas Jacquot
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