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<< Mondo (2006) - for piano

Mondo is a japanese word refering to a particular kind of apprenticeship belonging to the zen buddhist tradition and based on an strict oral mode : an acute exchange of questions and answers between a master and his pupils. Thus, the title is a wink to the writing context of the piece, i.e my own answer to a writing exercice suggested by maestro Baboni Schilingi. Furthermore, the title is like an echo of the formal conception of each of the six constitutive pieces. They are based on the exhibition of musical questions (A) and answers (B) where the question is first repeated (ABAC), then more and more varied throughout the progression of the cycle (ABA'C).

The piece was premiered by Yseult Jost in June 2006, Le Palot, Montbéliard (Fr)

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