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The Modus Operandi project aims at favoring an intrusion in the composition processes whether through didactic situations or within singular apparatus designed to shift the objects & means of æsthetical feelings in music.

nicolas jacquot - modus operandi

Past M.O. means & shows

The Showroom series - work presentation and talk periodic event, Marseille, 2019.

Tropismes Heureux - article for LINKs review, supervised by Louis-José Lestocart, CNRS-France, December 2018.

An introduction to Computer Aided Composition - workshop @ CNRR Marseille, June 2018.

About Solomon for oud & live-computer - lecture + performance during the CNRS symposium 'Improvisation et répertoire aujourd'hui' @ La Tour de Guet, Voutezac, July 2016.

Metalepsis defense for the master grade @ URCA Reims, July 2016.

Modus Operandi - installation + performances + lecture @ Le Lieu Minuscule Reims, May-June 2016.

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