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<<  Lames De Fond (2015) - for soprano, clarinet & live-computer

Lames de Fond is the seventh and final piece of the Limites & Marges cycle, imagined for soprano, ensemble & electronics. The whole project stands as a reverence to the work of the french-egyptian poet Edmond Jabès whom textual fragments as well as formal preoccupations lay throughout the composition.

The piece was premiered by Accroche Note ensemble : Françoise Kubler (voice) and Armand Angster (clarinet)on March 16-2015, Reims Conservatory of Music.

Lames de Fond was finalist of the 22th Phonurgia Nova Prize, category "Arts Sonores-Sacem", Paris, September 2017.

Nicolas Jacquot - Lames de Fond
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