En Noir & Blanc II (2013) for piano & electronics

En Noir & Blanc II continues the reflexion about contrast already stated in the original solo piano version.

Thinking about the interaction between the instrument and the electronics, I wanted to move away from obvious relations such as timbral fusion, coincidences of events or an accompaniment function assigned to the electronics part, that usually prevail between the sound sources, .

Therefore the piece largely grows through several meta-compositional concerns : the electronic part is built with embeddings of contextual elements which stand either to quote the singular moment of the performance (the concert) or the piece's "making-off" itself.


In the foreground, the public first appears, waiting for the piece to begin. Then extracts  from Giacomo Platini's "Vertigo", Julien Vincenot's "Mirrors" and Kevin Gironnay's "Amphora" emerge (initially in between their own live performance since the pieces were also played during the premiere concert, in may 2013 during the Festival International de Musique Universitaire de Belfort, France).


In the background, you can hear the pianist and the composer talking about the interpretation during a rehearsal, as well as fast figures sampled from Salvatore Sciarrino's "Perduto in una citta d'acque" which are to quote one of the inspiring music of En Noir & Blanc.


Finally, a reverence to Luciano Berio must be told (since it is not musically declared in the piece) as my main inspiration in the use of hypertextual links in a general way, and more specifically here, in the skill of quotation.

The piece was premiered by Véronique Ngo Sach-Hien on May 19-2013, Centre Chorégraphique National, FIMU festival, Belfort (Fr).

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