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<<  Vacuum (2005) - for flute, viola & marimba

Vacuum was initiated by exercising manipulations on a sequence from Luciano Berio's work Points On The Curve To Find. It is the first written piece that I dare to include in the catalog. It takes a while to tame what had been assumed to be out of any taming domain during the previous 15 years of music practice (I began to play when I was 8, debuting with the most impractical classical guitar you can imagine) : to act logically, technically, upon sound creation and development while these phenomenons were mainly taken (not even "considered" at these early ages) as pure emanating vibrations, or so. Nonetheless, I somehow still acquiesce now to these first virgin doubts and astonishments towards technics. I mean, I feel deeply thankful but also very sorry to all the teachers of the world (and I am one!) whose efforts will just ever enlight the necessary and sometimes beautilful yet tradable part of creation, i.e technics. I believe that these prime intimate and uncommunicable dimensions, which encompass naïveness and clumsiness, form the irresistible soil of the familiar mystery where, ever lonely ever happy, the creator sources.


The piece was premiered by Anne Nardin (flute), Françoise Temperman (viola) & Joël Lorcerie (marimba) on June 16-2006, Le Palot, Montbéliard (Fr).

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