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<<  Terres & Nerfs (2016) - string quartet

In Terres & Nerfs, unlike usual, I had written the most significant keywords of the project directly in the peritext of the score : territoriality ; derivation ; tension ; identity ; love. You could read the geopolitical news, particularly tensed and hostile, even that violent that I started to better understand it through paradigms of individuality, of psycho-genealogy, of filiation of tensions : paths of heredity and transfert through which violence gets imitated, delegated, modeled, gladly exonerated. Until that, possibly-maybe, one gets responsible, one turns back vertically (meaning no factual revenge but rather true unballasting), allowing our definite surrender to love.


The piece was premiered by the Quatuor Béla, June 8-2016, CRR, Reims (Fr)

It is dedicated to Michel & Monique Jacquot

Nicolas Jacquot_Terres & Nerfs_Quatuor Belà

Quatuor Béla, rehearsal of TERRES & NERFS, Reims, June 7-2016

Photo ©Garitan

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