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<<  Solomon (2016) - for oud & live-computer

Solomon intended to subsume the two traditions that incited the project. Invoking several dimensions of the confrontation as their attempted fusion, we willingly opposed acoustic vs electronic devices, oral vs written music, interpretation vs improvisation, horizontality vs verticality, dichotomy vs synchronicity, harmony vs inharmony … Up to the very latter-first attention, i.e Orient with Occident.

It was conceived and premiered with Ahmed Amine Ben Fguira (oud), May 10-2016, Robert de Sorbon library, Reims (Fr).

The piece is dedicated to Oriane Guillin.

Nicolas Jacquot & Ahmed Amine Ben Fguira_Solomon

Solomon performed by Ahmed Amine Ben Fguira (oud) and me (computer), théâtre du Chemin Vert, Reims (Fr), May 18-2016

another live with Ahmed Amine ben Fguira @ Le Lieu Minuscule, Reims (fr) on June 19, 2016.

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