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script/no script_nicolas jacquot

Script No Script consists in a live performance of both written and improvised electroacoustic music. Several fixed pieces get intertwined with live-computer improvisations that whether come to extend the work through the recycling of specific matters or burst contrastively, building up new dialectical tensions. Thus scripted and unscripted stages both mix and relay each other, their good discrimination getting contradicted or not by the nature of of the performers' gestures and the mutating scenography.

° Script No Script ~ program #1 :

Ce vide qui déborde (2015) / Kevin Gironnay [FR]

Voyage Electrique (2015) / Gaëtan Parseihian [FR]

Paris (2013) / Lorenzo Bianchi Hœsh [IT]

M (2013) / João Fernandes [PT]
Crack-Tracks (2015) / Nicolas Jacquot [FR]

João Fernandes and I (conception, diffusion & laptop improvisation), collectif Etc (scenography)

premiered @Ambasade du Turfu, Marseille (Fr), October 31 - 2017

° Script No Script ~ program #2 :

Sleep and His Half Brother Death (2018) / Jean-Baptiste Masson [FR]

Fools' Paradise (2018) / Nina C. Young [USA]


Le Surgissement Du Réel - 2e mvt (2018) / Nicolas Jacquot [FR]

Mosquitoes  (2014) / João Fernandes [PT]

Vaisseau Transbordeur (2015) / Annabelle Playe [FR]

João Fernandes and I (conception, diffusion & laptop improvisation)

premiered @DATA, Marseille (Fr), December 22 - 2018

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