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<<  O Latitudes (2011) - for guitar & live-computer

O Latitudes was inspired by memories of a three months travel through Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. Willing to go beyond the emotional intimacy of this experience, I wanted to manage a singular rendering, merging geographical and musical concepts : borders, outlines, time and space boundaries. In that sense, the possibility of depicting a journey as a limitation of time within space (and/or space within time) 'assisted' my interest in formal development strategies. Since I have been writing the piece (until now), I've liked to keep in mind this analogy between the traveler and its map and the composer and the score. Therefore, I wanted O Latitudes to assume an itinerary-like experience through which the listener/wanderer could confidently follow a guide : a low D, played tremolando, heading on and vanishing... to come back again, softly.

The piece was premiered by David Demange during the Japy Fatory Festival, September 11-2011, Beaucourt (Fr)

O Latitudes (2011)
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