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<<  Non-Fiction (2013) - for mezzo-soprano & ensemble

The Non-Fiction cycle is made of ten postal pieces. It is based on a "real-fictionalized" correspondence between Émilie Quinton and I, i.e between a poetess and a composer. After visiting the Chaïm Soutine monographic exhibition which took place at the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris during January 2013, Émilie is being affected up to start writing a series of short texts inspired by portraits, landscapes and still-lives by the Bielorussian painter. Then, each poem printed on a red card, she decides to send them to me... I will reply with music written on the back of the cards.

The project was designed for the Redshift Music Society (Vancouver, Canada) for a tribute concert to James Tenney.

It was premiered by the Ensemble de Musique Interactive on June 13-2013, Scène Numérique, Montbéliard (Fr)

nicolas jacquot, non-fiction I-II
nicolas jacquot, non-fiction IX-X
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