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<<  Matters Of Text Appeal (2017) - for mezzo-soprano & violin

Matters Of Text Appeal is a cycle of 5 interludes composed to bound the various sections that form the Baron Münchausen collective opera. The project was lead by Martin Moulin & Elvio Cippolone along with the ensemble Offrandes. The saucy-functional name of the piece refers to the text and its seductive attempts which appears explicitly through the narrator's metafictional comments.

It was premiered by Isabel Soccoja (mezzo-soprano) & Olivier Mingam (violin), on July 11,12-2017, La Fonderie, Le Mans (fr).


Recording session with Isabel Soccoja & Olivier Mingam at La Fonderie, Le Mans (fr), July 11-2017

Photo ©Jin Xue

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