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<<  Five Songs Of Uncovered Disbelief (2016) - for mezzo-soprano, cello & harpsichord

The Five Songs of Uncovered Disbelief are based on original fragments issued from Fuse (2007), the Twelve Imitations (2011) and also feature three transcriptions (Never Give All The Heart (II), To An Isle In The Water (III) and To A Young Girl (IV)) as escaped songs from the Electric Poems cycle (2011).

The lyrics of the pieces I & V are from Fernando Pessoa's first "English Sonnets". Titles and lyrics of the pieces II, III & IV are from William Butler Yeats.

​The piece was premiered by Adèle Bertin (mezzo-soprano), Margaux Monnois (cello) and Eva Brisset (harpsichord) on June 09-2016, Conservatory of Music of Reims (Fr).


nicolas jacquot - five songs of uncovered disbelief

Extract from To An Isle In The Water, lyrics by W.B. Yeats 

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