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<<  Double Trouble (2019) - reading performance

Double Trouble performance is based on a reduced reading of the eponym novel which I had been writting during a serendipitous night of July 2017. It is accompanied by a fixed arrangement of recent works plus a special feature of Monte Cazazza's song A Gringo Like Me. The full tracklist includes :


The Jazzercises - Node n°1 (2019)

Interlude I

We're (In) The Text - midi mockup (2017)

The Jazzercises - Mode I (2018)

Choral XXI - Showcase Showdown (2019)

Interlude II

The Jazzercises - Node n°2 (2019)

Interlude III

*Monte Cazazza / A Gringo Like Me, extract (2010)

The Jazzercises - Mode VI (2019)

it was premiered on November 23, 2019 @ 2biS clothes shop-gallery in Marseille during the opening of the group installation Tu t'Uses Beauté ?

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