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<<   A Date With Wind (2019) - saxophone & electronics recital

A Date With Wind is a polygraphic recital for saxophone(s) & live-computer which was born after a fruitful premiere collaboration with Joël. The program is more or less flexible according to the performance circumstances as given durational frames though it is uncompromisely featuring cinematic-like built and thought musics that we like and wish to share. 

The concert might exhaustively present : Bernard Cavanna's Goutte d'Or Blues, Julien Vincenot's Silent_Data_Corrupt Jacopo Baboni Schilingi's Spatio Intermisso and Nicolas Jacquot's Une Autre Nuit.

with : Joël Versavaud, saxophones & Nicolas Jacquot, laptop

all pictures by Mathieu Mangaretto © Le Bus Digital 

live @ Le Pic, Marseille, January 26-2020

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