Luciano Berio / Folk Songs

1. Black is the color

2. I wonder as I wonder

3. Rossignolet du bois

4. Ballo

5. Lo Fiolaire

Nicolas Jacquot / 7 Electric Poems

6. Politics

7. Never give al the heart

8. To an isle in the water

9. To a young girl

10. A craddle song

11. For Anne Gregory

12. O do not love too long

P.J. Harvey /Is This Desire?

13. Electric light

14. Catherine

15. Is this desire?

Revolted Songs Of Love is concert program of both original and arranged works for voice, electric guitar & percussion. All the songs are spanned with formal similitudes as well as is assumed the singularity of each of the three æsthetical projects.

with Sara Notarnicola (voice), Nicolas Chatel (percussion) & me (composition, arrangement & e-guitar)