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The Limites & Marges project has been conceived as a tribute to the writer Edmond Jabès within the form of a monodrama. Formally speaking, seven pieces for soprano, ensemble & live-computer are featured, showing an alternation between vocal pieces (odd positions) and instrumental ones, those clearly alluding to an interlude-like fonction (whereas their dimensions would tend to give them the main part). The texts of the vocal pieces are coming from the Livre des Limites by Jabès while the interludes are freely inspired by the three books forming the Livre des Marges, the title of the cycle resulting of the concatenation of both opus. Willing to deepen and reflect possible plausible significations of Limites & Marges, I managed a prior time to question the semantics through manipulating and deriving these two words. This allowed me to multiply and precise what my musical declinations of the limites & marges concepts could be. From there, the gradual and preponderant use of spoken vocality above singing is to make the project sway in between the traditional concert performance and the monodrama genre by giving musical theater and radiophonic dimensions to the project. Besides, the links between the voice and instruments and the electronics part is designed through transformational operations : the initial relations gradually fade and turn out to be clearly dychotomous. In that way, the whole cycle is spanned with listening norms and directions that shape the deep building of the project. If I wish to finish and have performed the Limites & Marges cycle entirely someday, the autonomous performance of each constitutive piece is to bring its own sense of opened achievement.





1. Lignes De Front - for soprano, piano & live-computer - 2’ca


2. Edmond - for cello & live-computer - 11’ca


3. Une Pièce de Plus - for soprano, clarinet, piano, cello & live-computer - 4’ca

4. Ca Suit Son Cours - for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello & live-computer - 11’ca


5. Lignes De Foi - for soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello & live-computer - 7’ca

6. Déjà-Ouï - for piano, violin, cello & live-computer - 4’ca       


7. Lames de Fond - for soprano, clarinet & live-computer - 7’ca / 2015

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