7 Electric Poems (2010-2017) for voice, electric guitar & vibraphone

The 7 Electric Poems is a song cycle written for mezzo-soprano, electric guitar and vibraphone. All the pieces are based on texts by the irish poet William Butler Yeats and depict love affects and behaviors or further human fascination towards beauty, both irreversibly transient and shifty. The music explicitly refers to my rock and jazz early debuts.

The cycle is made of :

I.  Politics (2011)


II. Never Give All The Heart (2010)


III. To An Isle In The Water (2010)


IV. To A Young Girl (2010)


V. A Craddle Song (2010)


VI. For Anne Gregory (2014)


VII. O Do Not Love Too Long (2017)

recorded @Gmem-CNCM, Marseille, October 2017

w/ Sara Notarnicola (voice), Nicolas Chatel (vibraphone) & me (electric guitar)

7 Electric Poems -Nicolas Jacquot